International Air Transportation

havayolu-tasimaciligiInternational air freight is required when you want to deliver your cargoes as soon as possible departure to the distination. This type of transportation enables you to quickly reach any distances and easily get to the most remote and inaccessible areas. This option is particularly suitable for small shipments of high value goods, urgent samples and perishables. It is also best option when sending urgent exhibition material and goods under ATA Carnet scheme.
When executing order, clients’ interests are our priority, and we strive to fully live up their expectations in the field of logistics.
For your convenience, you can order not only to international air transportation of cargo, but also a number of related services:

  • Registration of international goods in customs according to the requirements of Foreign Trade. We are ready to provide service as quickly as possible by having own departments of customs clearance at the airports
  • Forwarding services by supporting parcels and delivery of cargoes “to the door” of the recipient;
  • Choosing a suitable route of export, as well as import cargo transportation;
  • The possibility of temporary warehousing of goods, and much more.

All Works are carried out on the well- developed scheme that allows operatively delivering parcels to anywhere in the world. In addition, we provide advice to clients on all matters relating to the delivery of goods in international traffic.